Pull Out Test:-

  • Pull out test establishes the strength or the resistance of an anchor to withstand a tensile (Pull out) Load.
  • Pull out test is carried out for both Mechanical and Chemical anchors and also for rebars.
  • ICFS has capacity to undertake pull out tests from Dia 8 mm to Dia 40 mm bar and stud.
  • The test unit could be either KN or TON. ICFS have equipment to do a pull out test of up to 75 ton load on site.
  • Pull out test is carried out using an hydraulic equipment with provision to hold and exert a tensile load to try and extract the rebar/ stud from its anchored position.
  • Pull out test is either done to establish the performance of anchor for a recommended load or to decide on ultimate load value at which the substrate or the bonding of the anchor starts to fail.
  • Thus a pull out test establishes the quality of anchoring and suitability of the base material for a pre determined load.
  • ICFS uses calibrated gauges and equipment to carry out pull out tests.

Advantages :-

  • Trained Personnel.
  • Calibrated equipment.
  • Tests on site at customer Location.
  • Establishes the strength of anchor at a particular load.
  • Establishes the structural strength of Base material or the anchoring system.

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