ITC 110 – 110mm Marble Cutter

ITC 110 – 110mm Marble Cutter

ITC 110 marble cutter is a machine that cuts a marble, granite and other ceramics from different angles and dimensions. ICFS presents to you an electric, leveraging easy to use marble cutter which cuts marbles, granites, tiles and other ceramics. It’s a complete handy tool to work. ITC 110 is a good, compact and lightweight machine. Mostly used for rip, cross and compact cuts. Its blades are strong, sharp and very convenient to use.

Why this Tool?
• This most ubiquitous machine.
• Comes with a heavy duty motor.
• The gear assembly housed in solid aluminum alloy casting.
• Lightweight and compact design.
• Ease in operation.
• It has an adjustable base to adjust the depth of cut.

Technical Data


Application: The machine is mainly used for cutting marble, granite and all other kinds of stones and masonry materials. It is also used for making grooving in the above materials.

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