Diamond Wire Sawing

Diamond Wire Sawing

When faced with the problem of removing large sections of Heavily Reinforced Concrete in complex situation Where access large is restricted such as a Bridge Deck of the removal of columns and Beams where depth and Speed of cut are critical, were sawing provides the solutions And seen extensively used by Indo Spark Construction Services On some of the India’s Largest Project.
Diamond wire sawing using high cycle electric or hydraulic equipment’s is the fastest and most versatile Means of cutting heavily Reinforced Concrete The wire Saw easily handles the thickness sections of all construction Material with cutting rates in excess of I in2 /hour achievable And the ability to cut circular opening up to 2500 mm diameter leaving clean straighten and smooth cut surface with no damage to the remaining structure.

Key Features :

  • Non-Percussive
  • Smooth cut face
  • Unlimited cutting Depth
  • Horizontal, Vertical and angled cutting of circular opening up to 2500 mm diameter
  • Quit and Fume less
  • Fast and flexible
  • Plunge Cutting facility Allowing blind arid rebated opening to be formed
  • Safe remote Controlled operation
  • Full range of case studies available
  • Fully Trained labor & operators
  • Fully equipped mobile workforce covering the jobs

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