ICFS – Anchor fastening systems

ICFS Company Profile – Anchor fastening systems ICFS is an Anchor Fastener Brand offering comprehensive solutions with a range of products, with International Approvals. We have chemical and mechanical anchors…

Diamond Wire Sawing

When faced with the problem of removing large sections of Heavily Reinforced Concrete in complex situation Where access large is restricted such as a Bridge Deck of the removal of…

Nylon Frame Plug – NFP

DESCRIPTION : The nylon frame plug NFP provides a professional and secure method for the fixing of doors and window frames. It has an elongated nylon plug body incorporating a countersunk…

Drop In Anchor – DIA

DISCRIPTION : The Drop in Anchor DIA is internally threaded to offer a suitable fixing in conjunction with all standard types of metric bolts, set screws and studding. The drop…

Through Bolt Anchor – TBA

The through bolt anchor TBA can be installed through the work piece. This saves considerable time in installation avoiding alignment errors and provides an exceptionally efficient retention method for fixing to concrete and stone. Its firm fixing action permits repeated removal and replacement of the nut without weakening the anchorage. As the bolt is driven into the fixing hole the clip is compressed ensuring a tight interference fit. When torque is then applied to the nut the tapered section of the bolt retracts through the clip which expands to create a rapid and permanent grip. As for the internal threaded version TBA-I, it can be installed in normal drill holes without a setting tool.

• Easy installation
• For use in cracked and non-cracked concrete
• For medium-high loads
• Previous installation, or at the drilling of the material to be fixed
• Wide range of lengths and diameters available: installation flexibility
• For static or almost static loads



Applications Use
• Anchoring sheets
• Protection fences
• Metallic structures
• Overhead power
• Bridges cabling
• Traction concrete
• Elevators
• Urban furniture
• Pipe supports
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IVC 7.2

  Product Features :-  Why this Tool? Light weight design- Easy & Comfortable holding during use. Wireless operation provides total free movement of cleaning from Room to Room. Can be…


DISCRIPTION : The CM350VESF is a high performance rapid curing styrene free low odor two component chemical. Chemical injection anchoring system based on a high reactivity unsaturated vinylester resin in…

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